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Frank C. Druse III
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With ten years of nursing experience and still practicing, Frank Druse III comes with an informed background to provide attorneys with a cutting-edge perspective on their cases. Mr. Druse has a Masters of Science in Nursing and a Masters in Healthcare Administration. He is Board Certified as an Emergency Room Nurse, Pediatric Emergency Room Nurse and a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant. He has served in various roles in Clinical Practice, Nursing Education, and Nursing Administration. Let Mr. Druse bring his unique, dynamic understanding of the inner workings of the healthcare system to your cases to help you achieve success.

Mr. Druse maintains membership in the National League of Nursing, Emergency Nurse’s Association, Sigma Theta Tau (The International Honor Society for Nursing), and The National Alliance for Certified Legal Nurse Consultants. He provides a full range of services including case screenings, preparing case summaries, finding expert witnesses, and assisting in the discovery process, as well as 33 other services. Highly qualified, Mr. Druse provides detailed knowledge about standards of care, the inner workings of hospitals, and the merits of legal cases.

If Mr. Druse is unable to meet your needs with his personal experience, Mr. Druse has a team of various experts of all levels with certifications and the different qualifications to meet your needs.  Depending on your state, you may need to match the credentials of witnesses identified by opposing council.  Please allow us to show you the highly qualified and sought-after experts who partner with Druse Consulting Firm, LLC and who will help support and move your cases forward.

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Druse Consulting Firm, LLC

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